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Safety Knowledge Training.

In order to strengthen the safety quality of the company's main responsible person and safety management personnel, Vegfor has improved the company's safety production management level and safety production accident emergency handling capabilities to prevent and reduce various safety production accidents. The Ministry of Safety and Environmental Protection organized safety on 20th April. The management personnel trained and obtained the evidence. The training invited the single director of the Dongguan Safety Training Center to serve as the teaching teacher. More than 120 people including the company's main responsible person and safety management personnel participated in the training.


Proyecto de 12 palets. Revisa el video..

Equipo de enfriamiento al vacío de 12 paletas con transportador automático.


“Instablish a positive, strong corporate culture.”


Machinery industry Enters A New Stage of High Quality Development.

China's construction machinery industry has achieved fruitful technological innovations. Over the past 40 years, breakthroughs have been made in the development and application of new technologies, new structures, new processes and new materials. A large number of high-end engineering machinery and other major technical equipments that represent the most advanced technology development level and can replace imported ones have been rolled out and become new business cards made in China. At the same time, Solid Metal will take the “One Belt and One Road” initiative to continuously expand its overseas business, enhance its global service capabilities, and provide equipment support for infrastructure construction in countries along the route.


Intelligent Manufacturing.