How does vacuum cooling work ?

Vacuum cooling is the rapid evaporation of water in a vacuum processing chamber at a lower temperature under vacuum conditions. In the process, more heat is consumed, and in the absence of an external heat source, a cooling effect is generated in the vacuum chamber. The vacuum pre-cooling technology is simple in principle and high in cooling rate, and is widely used in vegetable products preservation, transportation and storage .A vacuum cooler represents a significant investment. However, the fast cooling times achieved may preserve quality and extend storage life. This is particularly important for products such as baby spinach or lettuce, but may also be critical for broccoli during warm harvest conditions.

Benefits of vacuum cooling.

Compare with traditional Cold Room and Air Force Cooling , Our vacuum cooling equipment can get you below benefits.

Enhance Working Efficiency.

Cycle rapid cooling to 2~5 ℃ in 25 mins to save cooling time . and Products can be cooled inside carton.

Cost Saving.

Reduction in withered and spoiled product. and save electronic powder

Keep Crops More Fresh .

Product freshness and cleanliness are ensured , The product is always ready for delivery to markets or consumers .

Harvest in Poor Condition.

There is no time limit for harvesting crops.It is possible to harvest in poor weather conditions, such as rain.

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