What Makes Us VEGFOR

Vegfor consists of highly skilled, experienced and dedicated employees who believe in building quality into every parts, every time. We are committed to meeting all challenges by providing a learning environment, continually improving our processes, and striving to be the best in the industries we serve.Vegfor works with customers to create excellent vacuum cooling solution for vegetable and fruit,Reduce the waste, Keep food more fresh health.

Our Value

Vegetables easily spoil. This means that there is a high demand for their proper cooling, storage, and transport. Data shows the damage rate of fresh vegetables during transport in developed countries is 5%-15%, while in China it can be as much as 30%-40%. In other words, every year around 37 thousand tons of fruit and vegetables spoil during cooling and transport process.Our value is helping growers gain an affordable and reliable rapid vacuum cooling solution to reduce their lost. and improving their cooling effective.Our vacuum coolers have been recognised for their consistent quality and are sold internationally by industry leaders.Vegfor has an approved Quality System in conformity with ISO 9001-2000 certification regarding the procedures of the equipment design and development, manufacturing, packaging and sales of our equipment.

Our Team


Arvin Lau

Manager & Marketing
Phone:+86 18926859530


Grace Luo

Financial Manager
Phone:+86 18925526215


Bruce Cai

Engineering Manager
Phone:+86 13652519176