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How does vacuum cooler work ?

Vacuum cooling is the rapid evaporation of water in a vacuum processing chamber at a lower temperature under vacuum conditions. In the process, more heat is consumed, and in the absence of an external heat source, a cooling effect is generated in the vacuum chamber. The vacuum pre-cooling technology is simple in principle and high in cooling rate, and is widely used in vegetable products preservation, transportation and storage .A vacuum cooler represents a significant investment. However, the fast cooling times achieved may preserve quality and extend storage life. This is particularly important for products such as baby spinach or lettuce, but may also be critical for broccoli during warm harvest conditions.


Vacuum cooling has been used as a pre-cooling treatment for products such as lettuces, mushrooms, asparagus, peppermints , green onions, leaf herbs and cut flowers to remove field heat and thus extend shelf life and quality.The major advantage of vacuum cooling over other techniques of cooling is the short time required to cool a suitable product to a given temperature.

Vegetables & Herbs

Vacuum cooling is the best cooling solution to leaf vegetables and herbs quality, as well as some compact vegetables


Vacuum cooling is essential to cut flowers quality. Reduce or eliminate the wilting risk and extend the shelf life.

Turf & Compost

Vacuum cooling is the best solution to reduce the core temperature of turf & compost



Mature vacuum cooling technology

As a leading China vacuum cooler company,Over 80 vacuum cooling units produced per year, We have built a mature and stable manufacturing processing since many experience. And we provide 2 years quality warranty


Timely localization maintenance Service

Our equipment life can be above 15 years. Thefore we built local service site in UK and Mexico,Australia that can support user in timely to ensure equipment running smoothly.


Affordable Price

Comparing with multiple times price higher in Europe and North American,we are commit to providing growers affordable price vacuum cooling machine under good quality condition


Vacuum cooling is essential to fresh produce quality. it can rapidly and uniformly remove the field heat after harvest, reduce the respiration of fresh produce, thereby significantly extending the freshness period and improving the freshness quality,as well as reducing the health risks caused by organism growth.

• The most rapid cooling method .one cooling cycle only need 15~20 mins ,Save money and maximize your working efficiency.

• It significantly increases shelf life as well as reducing the health risks caused by organism growth.

• Lowest cooling cost per lb/kg ,lower power consumption and energy .

• Mobility - allows cooling in the field

• Reduction of labor costs and movement damages